Conference programme

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Venue: Complexe du 20 Août, Place du 20 Août, 7-9, Liège, Belgium

9.00     Registration

9.30     Welcome / Conference opening by Louis Gerrekens, Dean of the Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres

9.40     Opening Address: Erik Spinoy (Université de Liège), “Resistance and Irresistibility”

10.00   Keynote 1

  • Vivek Chibber (New York University): “Class and Resistance after the Cultural Turn”

10.45   Discussant: Marc Delrez (Université de Liège)

11.00   Discussion

11.15   Coffee break

Session 1: Tools and Methods

11.35   Stamatina Katsiveli-Siachou (Queen Mary University of London): “Investigating identity in language: Where are we now?”

12.00   Evgeni Molodychenko (The National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow): “A discursive battlefield: Constructing mundane identities in lifestyle media”

12.25   Stan Reiner van Zon (University of Utrecht): “Identity, reception, and scholarship: Applying discourse theory to Anglophone scholarship on Japanese Shakespeare adaptations”

12.50   Discussion

13.05   Lunch

14.00   Keynote 2

  • Marc de Kesel (Radboud University Nijmegen): “On Democratic Identity”

14.45   Discussant: Joost de Bloois (University of Amsterdam)

15.00   Discussion

15.15   Coffee break

Session 2: Narrated Identities

15.35   Riham Ismail (Purdue University, West Lafayette): “Belonging to nowhere and everywhere: Feminine Identity and the construction of a third space in Leila Houari’s Zeida de nulle part

16.00   Linda Lam Virecoulon Ho (University of Leicester): “Big stories, small stories and narrative identities in the Macanese community in Macao: A preliminary Study”

16.25   Kim Schoofs (KU Leuven): “Holocaust survivors’ identity construction in Belgian repeated WW II testimony pairs”

16.50   Discussion

17.05   End

19.00   Conference dinner: restaurant ENOTECA (

Friday, 21 September 2018

Venue: Complexe du 20 Août, Place du 20 Août, 7-9, Liège, Belgium

9.30     Keynote 3

  • Philippe Hambye (Université Catholique de Louvain): “Invoking and questioning identity in sociolinguistics: scientific and political issues”

10.15   Discussant: Johannes Beetz (University of Warwick)

10.30   Discussion

10.45   Coffee break

Session 3: Image, Imagery, Imaginary

11.05   Amal Ben Attou (Université Ibn Zohr, Agadir): “Architectural and Urban Communication in Social Identity: The Case Study of Agadir Morocco: From Colonial Preponderance to Renaissance which Social Identity?”

11.30   Felip Vidal, Carme Ortiz & David Serra (School of Art and Design of Catalonia (ESDAP), Barcelona): “From consumers to brand partners: How to build identities by means of signification advertising”

11.55   Sigurd D’hondt (University of Jyväskylä): “The metapragmatic imaginary: Footing and stance-taking in the trial of Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi”

12.20   Discussion

12.35   Lunch

Session 4: (Post)national Identities

13.30   Giuditta Caliendo (Université de Lille): “EU identity in the time of crisis: A discursive perspective”

13.55   Astrid Schwegler-Castañer (University of the Balearic Islands, Palma): “‘Are you what you digest?’: The culinary (dis)articulation of Asian-Australian identities in the multicultural nation”

14.20   Mihail Evans (New Europe College, Bucharest): “The other of nationalism”

14.45   Discussion

15.00   Coffee break

Session 5: After Theory

15.20   Pedro E. Moscoso-Flores (Adolfo Ibáñez University, Santiago): “Between the codification of the reason and the decodification of the body: On the (im)possibilities of identification in post-capitalist societies”

15.45   Matthias Pauwels (University of Johannesburg): “Decolonizing the poststructuralist language of struggle: Between identity and disidentification”

16.10   Discussion

16.25   Panel discussion: Vivek Chibber, Marc de Kesel and Philippe Hambye (moderator: Marc Jacquemain, Université de Liège)

17.15   Conclusions: Patricia Willson (Université de Liège)

17.30   Drinks